In the wild, we are all free. 

Grace Allen had always been a big fish growing up in a very small pond. Of course, just about any place was bigger than her tiny home in Chetwynd. So when she left Canada for the states seven years ago for college, she thought she’d never look back. That was until her overly ambitious life came crumbling down around her.

Except going back home meant going back to a complicated and unfinished story. A story involving her best friend she left behind all those years ago….

Shiloh Pierce’s whole life revolved around her home in Chetwynd, with no intention of ever leaving. Except seven years ago, Shiloh discovered something that caused a rift between her and her small little town. Something that was about to resurface upon the return of her childhood best friend, Grace.

While Grace begins to reacquaint herself with Chetwynd, she too begins to rebuild her tarnished relationship with Shiloh. Together the two discover what they both have been missing in their lives, and that maybe they can help each other overcome their complicated pasts after all.

An enchanting lesbian romance set in the heart of the scenic wildlands of northern Canada.