Sweet Pickles


The name is Avery Madison. You can call me Pickles.

Go ahead. Get the jokes out of your system.

I was just an offbeat twenty year old woman from Des Moines, managing an ice cream shop and running a mildly-successful dog photo blog, when an unexpected pregnancy threw a giant curveball into my smooth operations. A baby was the last thing I’d ever expected and I definitely never imagined raising one solo.

Enter Laurel Peterson.

Laurel was quite possibly the most intense person on Earth. A hardcore all-business type with a big “life-plan” that involved having a baby on her own when she turned twenty seven. Not to mention the fact she was definitely the most mind-boggingly annoying human being I’d ever met.

Well, surprise surprise. Turns out that you can still fall for the crazy women who drive you bonkers. And by fall, I mean fall hard.

So what happens when you put two extremely groovy, completely polar opposite but madly in-love pregnant ladies together? I guess you’ll have to read and find out.

And HEA? Well, I can promise you one thing. I definitely know whether it is or not! Amiright?

A sharp-edged, sweet-centred, warm-hearted and quirky lesbian romance novella.